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Wedding Photography Tips – A Great Book For Amateur Digital Photographers

By on December 10, 2012
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Looking for the best tips to help you take memorable pics for an up and coming family event? This really is a great book for new photographers! So you think you are a good wedding photographer?

The reality is that there are thousands of wedding photographers in the marketplace today, but only one in a thousand photographers will make it past their first year in business. This exciting new book was written by one of the Lead Editorial Photographers for Southern Bride Magazine, Michael Allen.

He offers his insights into editorial and high end wedding photography written in a simple conversational style format.

The book covers more than the basics, with special attention to a professional approach to shooting and being a confident photographer. What equipment and cameras are the best for wedding and fashion photography? What is your style, and how do you appeal to clients with your photography styles.

With over 100 pages packed full of information, Michael covers the basics on every detail that you’ll need to know about high end weddings, editorial portfolios and how to grow a successful photography business. There are many styles of wedding photography and in this video Michael shows you the differences from traditional, vintage, classic and modern weddings…

Michael is a member of the WPPI ( Wedding Portrait Photographers International ) and has attended hundreds of workshops and professional industry shows across the country, learning from some of the best photographer masters in the world. He’s photographed editorial assignments across the US, Europe and The Caribbean, and his commercial client list is pretty impressive. He’s also photographed hundreds of weddings from every day simple weddings, to posh high end weddings & destination weddings.

The book is written with easy to understand topics, and a simple approach to using your camera in manual mode, helping you understand more about professional photography. The book was written to inspire new photographers and offer them tools to take their photography to the next level.

So, Why is The Wedding Photography Book Different?… Well, it combines Real Wedding Photography with an Editorial Style.

Here are the Chapters that are included in the wedding photography book

* The Book has over 100 pages. Its written in full detail, with conversational style dialog and dozens of full color photos with explanations of how to achieve an editorial style using the right gear, understanding light, problem solving, managing a wedding day, and tips to get better photos. Michael offers you a common sense approach to taking pictures.

* Also included are sample wedding day timelines, photo shot lists, and common & important digital camera terms. Michael is a real wedding photographer with a proven track record as an editorial magazine photographer, he relates to you in down to earth language, and has a desire to help you take your photography to the next level…

* The Right Gear and Various Challenges for Wedding Photographers

* Lighting Concepts for Photography

* The Marathon Wedding Pace

* The Wedding Day Schedule

* Wedding Photography Style & Editorial Fashion Style

* Lighting Techniques – Natural Light, Reflectors, Off Camera Lights & Flash

* Architects, Wedding Planners & Lighting

* Director of Photography & Leadership

* Finding the Light & Photography Style on Various Locations

* What Can We Adapt from the Movie Industry

* Insights into the Wedding Photography Business

* Special Notes of Advice for Photographers,Brides & Wedding Planners

* Plus – Top 100 Tips for Photographers, Planners & Brides

Need More Info? Click Here: The Book – Modern Wedding Photography

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  1. tampa wedding photography

    December 25, 2012 at 4:48 am

    Wedding is the most important day in everyone’s life and everyone wants to capture this beautiful day in a great way. Wedding photography is not an easy task. Really good tips have been given in this article for wedding photography.

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