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Wedding Photography – The Business Side of Things

By on February 28, 2013
I’ve noticed how there’s been a real surge of talent in the wedding photography business over the recent years. Due to the popularity of digital cameras, everybody is capable of photography from simple pictures to images with high artistic value.

What I’ve noticed from this is the increase of creativity in the wedding photography field and the high volume of beautiful and stunning pictures being produced.

This is one of the reasons why the wedding photography business has enjoyed a renewed reputation from its peers. Now a wedding photographer seems to be a lucrative job that can demand higher paychecks and claim a higher level of respect than before, so if you’re interested in becoming a wedding photographer then let me help you understand the business side of one of photography’s more lucrative branches. Wedding photography can be fun, but when an agreement is formed and money is involved, a lot of things should be taken into consideration, especially if it’s your first time as you will soon see.

Don’t worry though, because you’re on the right track. If you are reading this article then there’s a high chance you are already involved in photography. So, before you do any gigs and start asking for payment as a wedding photographer, just being a photography hobbyist is a good place to start, as there really are lots of advantages in starting off at the bottom of the food chain.

wedding photography business 300x300 Wedding Photography   The Business Side of ThingsFirst off, there’s no huge pressure so you do actually have fun, plus you learn the basics and master everything that you can while photographing anything you can. When you share your best images online, you will get other people’s attention. Maybe a friend likes your photos and asks you to shoot her wedding, or a family member may need you to document a certain group occasion, so a great way to hone your photography skills and just to see what if feels like to handle events in general.

Being a wedding photographer is enjoyable, but a certain level of professionalism is required. Your responsibility is to capture all the best moments in a creative manner and sometimes anxiety builds up from the pressure. Practice can really help in preventing this kind of situation from happening so being an assistant to other wedding photographers or asking their permission to be shadowed is the next best step.

Other wedding photographer’s tips and advice can be very beneficial for you because you can learn from what they’ve experienced. You can learn about their mistakes and avoid them in the future or learn from their triumphs and save yourself time from learning everything on your own. The internet is also the champion of information for everything under the sun, and specific photography situations are discussed on blog posts, how-to articles, and photography forums, and never hod back from getting a second opinion.

You’re done with your training and you’ve researched everything that is to know about wedding photography. You’ve got your first client, what do you do then? The first thing is to set up a meeting or call by phone. The key here is to establish a good line of communication. Ask your clients exactly what they want, and then deliver the goods. I know this will be a nerve wracking experience, but exciting at the same time and nothing calms the nerves better than getting yourself properly prepared before the event starts… a strong coffee always does the trick for me.

Let’s move on to the photography equipment you need for a wedding

For starters, a 50mm portrait prime and a telephoto lens are two of the best lenses you can use. Prime lenses are great for bokeh shots, portraits, and whole bodies. Attach the telephoto to another body and you will be prepared to shoot just in case you aren’t near the bride and groom.

Bring a lot of high-capacity memory cards because you need to have lots of pictures, a lot more than what you are actually targeting. Spare batteries, the charger, your preferred filters, a tripod, and the most organized bag you have are all requirements so get everything packed and organized the night before the shoot.

Are you still feeling anxious? Don’t over think it. They already saw your pictures online or from other “test” weddings you’ve done before so they know your strengths and capabilities. Just repeat them again on this wedding shoot and you’ll be fine. If you’re just starting out, there will be little room for experimentation. Wedding events move fast and you need to capture everything your client wants you to, but also during a break in the event you can freely take some extra creative pictures for the lovely couple, but do consider these as goodwill extras.

wedding photography tips Wedding Photography   The Business Side of Things

Being a successful wedding photographer requires confidence to take pictures of a lot of different people. So always smile to put them at ease, and gently blend among the people while the proceedings are going on. The best pictures come from natural reactions so the more relaxed the people are, the better the pictures will come out.

After taking the pictures, you then have to choose the best among the best, so change anything that needs editing, print, and compile a memorable wedding photo album which will satisfy all of your client’s requirements. Actually try and surpass their expectations, because if your first wedding event turns out to be successful, then your client will most likely refer you to their friends and family members, and that’s how your customer base starts off.

So this is the business side of wedding photography, not so scary right? With today’s gadgets everything is easier now and everyone with a decent DSLR and a computer can be wedding photographers as long as confidence and guts are at play. Just remember to practice first before turning pro because a botched first job might just be the end of your career. Good luck!

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