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Photography Lightroom Tips – “The Photographer’s Workflow” eBook by Gavin Gough

By on January 14, 2013
Today, I’d like to introduce you to the world of Photography Lightroom found in “The Photographer’s Workflow” by Gavin Gough, a 130-page, 10-step guide to establishing a reliable and consistent digital photography workflow… And probably what could be referred to as the “missing link” in education for most amateur digital photographers.

Chapters in the Photography Lightroom eBook include Data Management and Data Risk Analysis, Working in the Field, Color Calibration, Naming files and Folders, Configuring Adobe Lightroom 4, Importing Images, Image Processing and much more.

Also included with the eBook downloaded are…

* 65 Lightroom 4 Development Presets to help give your processing a more consistent linear structure

* A series of Lightroom Smart Collections which build a step-by-step workflow for managing digital photographs.

* Links to a series of free, online video tutorials.

Check out the video below which provides the overall steps to follow in Gavin’s eBook “The Photographer’s Workflow”

Click here to visit Gavin Gough (discount code “photowork33jan”)

Gavin Gough is an independent, freelance travel photographer. Originally from England, Gavin is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand, from where he travels extensively, working on assignment, on commission, creating stock images, writing and teaching, and this is what he has to say about his work…

“As a travel photographer, my studio is the world outside my door and the only equipment required is a camera and a willingness to look for new perspectives. Lighting comes courtesy of whatever is available; sun, sky, tungsten and neon – travel photographers have access to it all. We are not restricted by subject or location, only by an obligation to record the world we see with honesty and compassion. More than just exotic locations and wild adventures, travel photography is about seeing our surroundings with fresh eyes and childlike enthusiasm.”

And this is just how Gavin feels with the results so far, after the initial launch of his complete eBook for digital photographers…

“It used to be the case that being a self-employed photographer could be a somewhat solitary endeavor. Thankfully, in the digital age, this no longer has to be true, unless you choose it to be. Connecting with inspiring friends and colleagues around the world in an instant is now a reality without which my job might well seem more isolated.

I am blessed with the best of friends, many of whom have been students or workshop participants first but who have become firm friends as a result of our shared passion for photography. I’m continually inspired and motivated by the infectious enthusiasm of students at the Bangkok Photo School and of those wandering photographers who join me for photo workshops on the streets of Bangkok.

I have taught over 600 students in the past four years and I consider that to be a rare privilege. It would be remiss of me not to offer a word of thanks to those perky souls who keep this boat afloat. To Sabrina Henry who keeps the Bangkok Photo School on the straight and narrow despite living on the other side of the planet…

…To JJ Michael who teaches alongside me during classes in Bangkok and never complains when I change the curriculum without notice; to the chirpy and innovative members of the Bangkok Photo Club; to Melissa Morse and Catherine Wisner for their editing contributions and cheerful dispositions; to Lesley Fisher, who contributed some of the images in this book and who has accompanied and assisted me on several memorable assignments…

…To the owners of the Glenburn Tea Estate in Darjeeling (where many images in the book were made) for their generous hospitality; to the kind souls who have promoted my work; to my clients, who are the most astute, smart and downright attractive group of people on the planet, to the editors who have chosen to feature my work in their publications; to you, dear reader, for purchasing this e-book (which I hope you enjoy)…

…To the many subjects who appear in my images who have tolerated the imposition of my camera lens with universal generosity and hospitality; to the muse who remains stubbornly alongside, to my great relief; and to everyone who has ever picked up a camera with a sense of curiosity”.

Click here to visit Gavin Gough (discount code “photowork33jan”)

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  1. Mike Chase

    January 18, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    This is great news for everyone owning a camera and should utilize on these clear tips. I have for sure gained as I did not even have an idea on how to use my camera on lightroom. I actually found other tips similar to this one giving informative ideas on lightroom and digital photography.

  2. Harland Picucci

    April 24, 2013 at 7:01 pm

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