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How To Take Better Camera Phone Photos PLUS 4 Camera Phone Reviews

By on March 19, 2013

I remember a few years back when I was starting to get interested in photography. I didn’t have a DSLR or even a cheap point and shoot camera so I was starting to save up to buy one. It was taking a long time pinching every penny I had to come up with a huge amount of money so I was growing impatient. Then one day I decided I wanted to learn how to take better camera phone photos, when I saw a book about cellphone photography and it hit me, I have a camera phone, why not start there?

It was a eureka moment and I became excited. I started reading about the basics of photography and applied it using my camera phone. The shots weren’t perfect but I could see the improvement bit by bit until I felt I was truly ready for an entry level DSLR.

Today, I’m not going to tell you how to enter the field of photography, and I’m not going to argue about where you should start or how you should move on to your next camera, but What I will say is that any camera gear, no matter how simple it is, can be a good starting point.

iPhone 5 camera review 300x209 How To Take Better Camera Phone Photos PLUS 4 Camera Phone ReviewsCamera phones today are so much better compared to what I started with. Mobile phones contain powerful hardware, increased megapixel cameras, and even photo editing software. Now is a good time to get interested in cellphone photography, let me share with you some of the best camera phones in the market at the moment.

The latest cellphone from Apple dubbed as the iPhone 5 is a physical beauty. I really like how the phone feels in my hand. Its thinner compared to its previous incarnation and lighter so it’s much easier to take photos even with one hand. The screen is wider so it’s perfect for capturing, viewing, and editing photos. Taking photographs is also faster and the screen’s resolution is improved. There is also the new panorama mode which lets you take excellent panoramic pictures.

You just have to steady your phone and pan up to 270 degrees to make a giant image. Just make sure that you won’t wobble your phone to avoid distortion. The camera’s megapixel hasn’t improved and remains at 8 megapixels like the iPhone 4s but overall, the iPhone 5 is a great camera phone.

Galaxy S3 camera review 300x199 How To Take Better Camera Phone Photos PLUS 4 Camera Phone ReviewsNow let’s move on with Apple’s fiercest competitor, Samsung. The Galaxy S3 is the best Android based smart phone out there. Is it better than the iPhone 5? It all depends on which side you’re on and your willingness to admit which side is better, honestly, there is a war raging over the internet over this. Anyway, the S3’s screen is huge and has a high resolution so viewing pictures and taking them is a breeze. But its size can also be its downfall. Using the S3 with one hand can be difficult so you might want to make sure your other hand is free when taking photos. There are different ways to take photos with the S3. There is the panorama mode, the HDR mode, and the 20 shot burst mode. With enough light and proper technique, the Galaxy S3 is a good enough camera for different kinds of photography.

A new contender is the HTC One which hopes to lure faithful Apple and Samsung fan-boys. The HTC One is a gorgeous gadget with a curved metallic back which makes it comfortable to hold. The screen boasts a full HD resolution with a bigger screen than the Galaxy S3. Again, the size can be a factor when using the HTC One with one hand. The HTC One’s camera on the other hand is a revelation. Instead of increasing the megapixels, HTC has made new sensor that uses Ultra-pixels which are bigger than the normal pixel.

HTC One camera review 300x224 How To Take Better Camera Phone Photos PLUS 4 Camera Phone ReviewsI won’t go into too much on the technical details, but HTC claims that by using the Ultra-pixels, there will be less noise in their cellphone’s images even on low light conditions. They also say that their camera allows 300% more light compared to standard models. Other camera phones have been struggling to take better dark indoor photos but the HTC One excels on this field. The only drawback is the lower megapixel count and its effect on photos of faraway subjects. If you accept the shortcomings of the HTC One and really want better indoor photos then this smart phone may be the one for you.

Another company hoping to take its bigger share on the smartphone market is Blackberry. This company used to reign supreme with its qwerty keypad cellphones but it all changed when the iPhone came along. Now, Blackberry is back with its latest offering called the Z10. You’ll first notice the non-slip rubber back which helps users in holding the gadget with ease.

Z10 camera review 300x204 How To Take Better Camera Phone Photos PLUS 4 Camera Phone ReviewsThe Z10 is equipped with a new beautiful operating system that is advanced but easy to use. The camera doesn’t offer anything new but that doesn’t mean that it’s not impressive. The exposure is excellent and the colors are spot on so it makes for a good cellphone camera. But other than that, I have to say that the Z10 is an inferior smartphone overall. If Blackberry wants to stay in the race then they have to do better.

These 4 are among the top rated camera phones in the market today. I’ve shown you some of their pros and cons, so it’s now up to you to choose one and start your journey as a cellphone photographer. Just remember that having expensive gear doesn’t guarantee a great photograph, sometimes all we need is a lot of skill and a little bit of luck.

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