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How To Take Baby Pictures

By on April 29, 2013
take baby pictures

Today’s article reveals several ways to take baby pictures, and I will share with you some of my best tips to EFFECTIVELY take baby pictures.

“I will start with one virtue that I really believe everyone should have, and that is patience”.

As I’ve said, babies sleep most of the time and seldom make the photogenic poses or facial reactions. On top of this, they need changing, feeding, and wiping so you need to be patient and wait for exact moments when you should take baby pictures. You need to put your baby’s priorities first, before your pictures:)

If you think photographing adults and kids are hard, wait until you try your hand at baby photography. Babies are not the most cooperative of subjects and at this stage they are not particularly photogenic because they don’t smile a lot, they cry all the time, and they prefer to spend most of their time sleeping.

taking pictures of babies 300x214 How To Take Baby PicturesAdmittedly, taking pictures of babies can be very challenging, but the end results can be the photos that families cherish for the rest of their lives. If you are invited to take a baby’s photo, you’ll need to communicate with the parents beforehand to ensure a successful session. You see, babies are energetic in the early morning after their sleep so ask if you can come to their house at that time. Ask if they have some baby costumes, different fabrics, or toys to use as props for the shoot.

Babies are just getting used to our world so they might become uncomfortable with extra stimuli like the new person carrying a black camera. You can ask the parents to swaddle the baby which is wrapping the baby snuggly in a piece of blanket or soft fabric. You can also play white noise in the background. White can be relaxing for the baby because it simulates what the baby used to hear inside the womb. You can download some white noise from the internet or install an app in your smartphone.

Working with natural light is the best to take baby pictures. It makes the images softer and more natural. Choose a room with ample space and lots of windows. If you need more light that you can use a reflector. The baby’s eyes are still sensitive so I suggest that you use your flash only if you really need to. If the room is really dark and there are no windows then you can point your flash so the light bounces off the wall of the ceiling. You are a stranger to this baby and she might cry if you flash a bright light on his or her face.

how to take baby pictures 300x225 How To Take Baby PicturesIf the baby is crying or needs something then you can pause your photo shoot and let the parents know that it’s okay to wait. Creating a relaxed mood will increase your chance of having natural looking photos. If the baby needs to sleep, then use this opportunity to take more photos. You can place the baby on a big bowl or place him or her on top of colorful pillows. Scatter flowers, arrange some fabrics, or carefully position their body for some harmless poses. There are lots of possibilities and it’s up to your imagination and creativity on how to take advantage of the situation and yield more wonderful images. When the baby wakes up from her nap, it creates another opportunity for you to pick up your camera and continue where you left off from before.

You can use a lot of lenses when doing a baby photo shoot. Portrait primes are excellent for baby photos as they create well captured subjects with creamy backgrounds. You can also use your macro lens for those close ups of the baby’s hands and eyes. Wide angle lenses can produce a funny distortion and make the baby’s head appear much larger so I highly suggest that you use this on older babies who can stand up. You can also use longer lenses because the distance might make it easier for the baby to create more natural poses and reactions.

You can use some of the portrait photography techniques when capturing images of babies. Take photos at their eye level, break the rule of thirds, and do multiple shots. Black and white is also widely used in baby photography for an added dramatic effect. Encourage the parent’s to be in the photos themselves. Tell them to play with their baby, make faces, or simply hold them. Aside from having other poses, you will get a funny reaction from the baby when their parents are interacting with them so make sure that your camera is ready when that happens.

cute baby pictures ideas 300x225 How To Take Baby PicturesSuggest doing a shoot where the baby is naked but make sure that you have their permission first before you do. Babies are really affected by cold temperatures so make sure that the room is warm enough. If you are taking photos outside then shoot in a hot day. If they suddenly feel cold then they will scream, shoot one to two photos of this and quickly wrap the baby before he or she starts crying.

When the baby is a bit older then you can be more creative with your poses. If the baby is strong enough to walk then you can do a shoot outside for more natural backgrounds like a garden or the seaside.

Babies are really amazing and difficult subjects. They are unpredictable and are very hard to direct . But if we think long and hard and actually realize that parents have entrusted us to take photos of the early moments of their child then we should consider ourselves really lucky or blessed:)

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