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How To Become Successful At Selling Or Buying Stock Photography

By on January 11, 2013
Stock Photography is a business which survives on “supply and demand”… So photographers need to discover which photos sell best…

…And anyone who is looking to buy images online, needs to find a quality stock photography site with the very best deals, as they’ll probably be coming back to buy more…. and time is always of the essence.

Now if you really want to get the best advice to sell photos online, then I suggest you read this previous post too called Discover How To Sell Your Photos Online… But if you are looking to find quality images to buy, then I would highly recommend Acclaim ImagesWatch the video below, and you’ll soon see just why…

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Here are some great stock photography tips & rules you should follow to become successful at selling your photos online…

1. Get out there! Join forums and post your photos and don’t worry about people stealing your photos until you have had enough success to affirm that you have something worth stealing.

2. Be honest with yourself and demand honest criticism of your photography, then take it to heart and improve, improve, improve.

3. Learn the business of stock photography. Understand who buys stock photography, the importance of model releases and property releases and the difference between commercial use and editorial use. Research the various ways that stock photography is licensed and come to understand why it is almost never sold. Research what images sell and who licenses them and try to determine what the future trends might be.

4. Use technology to your advantage. Design a good workflow and consider the importance of shooting in RAW, keywording images properly and early in the workflow sequence, and allowing your images to be distributed easily but with control. Learn what these mean: TIFF; RAW; API; IPTC; JPEG; EXIF; CMYK; RGB; color profiles; FTP.

5. Make it an ongoing process to learn about the legal issues involved in selling stock photography. A single photograph may have many issue that need to be understood, some of them conflicting. You should understand the basics of: privacy rights; publicity rights; trademark law; copyright law; the concept of “fair use”; your First Amendment rights, if you are in the United States; parental concerns; property rights….

6. Last but not least, respect those who have come before you even if they seem like angry, crusty old folk who are out-of-touch with the real world. Chances are they are out-of-touch because their success allows them to be that way. Success, after all, is what you are after and the basics of success, hard work & diligence, along with constantly investing in your future, never go out of style.

Acclaim Images – Stock Photography Direct From The Photographer… Acclaim Images has been in business since June of 2002 and offers only high quality, limited distribution digital images and art prints.

Photos and illustrations are contributed by hundreds of professional photographers, hand-picked for their creativity and professionalism.

Both Royalty-Free (RF) and Rights-Managed (RM) images are available, and for more information…

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    You are right A single photograph may have many issue that need to be understood, some of them conflicting.thanks Pls sent me more information in my email.

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