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Home Photography Courses By “Photography Studies” *** The Complete Picture ***

By on December 22, 2012
home photography courses
Studying digital photography from home at your own pace is made simple with these correspondence courses.

There are two digital photography courses to choose from, ideal for the beginner to the advanced amateur and will prepare you for a career as a freelance photographer.

You will be tutored directly by the Author and award winning photographer David Ewing.

The Certificate in Digital Photography for Beginners course features easy to follow tutorials with stunning photography shots from over 15 countries to demonstrate concepts and techniques. The Advanced Certificate in Digital Photography course also features video tutorials that take the strain out of learning and quickly demystifies intimidating programs like Photoshop.

David adopts a very hands on approach giving real life examples to make learning fun and relevant, and student support is available at all times with questions answered within 24 hours.

This video reveals just what makes this home photography course so special, so please do take a look…

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Photography Studies Home Courses

Certificate in Digital Photography for Beginners.
There are many reasons people would want to study photography. Some are just plainly interested in this wonderful art; while some see this as a good opportunity to get part time jobs. Whether you are planning to use your photography skills for pleasure or for acquiring some kind of job, you can be sure that this home photography course can help you a lot. We have two categories to offer – one for beginners and one for advanced learners.

This home study photography course is aimed to students that have little experience with using a manual Digital camera. The course will teach you to confidently master the manual controls of your camera. You will also get a profound understanding of lighting, composition and how to retouch your photographs. This course comes in ten in depth tutorials with ten interactive assignments.

Advanced Certificate in Digital Photography.
This photography course is aimed to amateur photographers that have an understanding of lighting, composition and manual exposure settings. This advanced course aims to prepare you to develop your skills to a higher level where you can realistically turn your love of photography into a part-time or full time freelance career. This course covers shooting as a professional photographer, making money from stock photography agencies and also mastering advanced Photoshop techniques. This course comes in eight in depth tutorials with eight interactive assignments.

CLICK HERE for more information about David’s home photography courses

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