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From Hobby To Profession – How To Be A Successful Photographer Overnight

By on March 14, 2013
how to become a successful photographer

Some would argue that photography is not a profession but an artistic vocation that should never be sullied by the desire for compensation. But I say why not?

If you can make money doing the thing you love then go for it, and just read these simple tips revealing how to be a successful photographer.

There are lots of perks from being a professional photographer. You get paid, sent to different places, and meet new people. Freelancers control their time and how they work. They don’t have bosses to deal with and can capture anything they want as long as they believe it’s good enough to make money.

Everybody who enters photography have various reasons for dedicating their time and money in this field. And everybody at some point has pondered if they could become a professional, and get paid for creating images. So, if you’re one of them, just let me share with you some of the important steps to take to shift from being a hobbyist to a professional photographer overnight.

how to be a photographer 300x200 From Hobby To Profession   How To Be A Successful Photographer OvernightNow the first thing that you must possess is passion. Now, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be famous or make a lot of money in this field. Success is not a straight line but a roller coaster full of ups and downs. But if you have the right passion for photography, at the very least you will be happy, so in case you do fail at times, you’ll be able to pick yourself up and carry on, just because you do like what you’re doing.

For the next thing for being a very good photographer, you’ll need to master the art of photography and learn everything that you can before going pro. I know this is basic and self-explanatory but aside from gaining an edge against other photographers, you will gain the confidence from the fact that you know what you are doing.

Now if you feel you are confident enough to go pro then for starters, you can create a blog and a website to showcase your images. This will be the go button towards digital space, where people can look at your pictures and gauge how good you really are. Make sure your website looks professional so investing money in this quest is not a question. Don’t upload every photo you have on your computer, choose the best ones. If you are a bit biased on your work, then you can ask the help from friends to choose what they think looks best. If you don’t have enough photos then go out there and click away. Travel, hike, and ask a friend if he or she can model. Do everything you can to increase your photo stash. Update your website or blog regularly, and when I say regularly I mean every day. If you want this to be your job then consider this as your job.

Aside from a digital portfolio, you need to create and have a physical one printed. This way you can carry your images wherever you go and show them to companies, magazines, and even art galleries. Having a backup burned on a cd or stored on a USB drive is also a great paperless alternative. Another way of getting attention is to join photography competitions. You’ll encounter other photographers, meet a lot of contacts, and get your photos noticed fast, especially if you win.

how to become a photographer 300x197 From Hobby To Profession   How To Be A Successful Photographer OvernightWhen you do get a job, be professional. We often hear the word professional being thrown around everywhere, but not everybody knows what it really means. Some relate the word with money and they aren’t wrong. Being a pro means getting paid, but getting paid means being a responsible person who can deliver and accomplish the job.

When someone offers you a gig, ask every question you have. You can ask what photos they expect to see or what kind of images they want taken. When you know what they want then you can concentrate on those and complete your job. If you can, exceed their expectations, over deliver, and make them happy. If they are satisfied with your work, they will refer you to their friends and family and more opportunities will come your way.

I’ve mentioned that you need to be a master photographer, so now you need to learn about business. There are lots of products involved in photography, your services have a price, your time is now valued. Learn how much you can ask for, what is too low and what is too much. Being a fully-fledged professional photographer means no other day job so make sure that you get paid enough to live a comfortable life. There will be a lot of factors like competition, the demand for photographers, and even the season, so you need to learn to adjust your pricing. A good idea is to ask help from other professional photographers and learn from them by being a second or helping them in shoots. By asking for first-hand information you will avoid a lot of mistakes and save yourself time in getting your pricing right.

how to be a successful photographer From Hobby To Profession   How To Be A Successful Photographer Overnight
The last piece of advice that I’m giving you today is to have enough confidence in your work. If you don’t believe in yourself then it will be harder to make others believe in you too. Face the fact that you will be rejected, laughed at, and fail from time to time but always remember that the most important thing is the fact that you’ve tried. Now go out there and make what you want happen, because when the going gets tough, only the tough get going.

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