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Understanding White Balance Modes – How To Change Image Color Tone

By on June 19, 2013
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Just wanted to give my thanks to photography author “Amy Renfrey“, who has written this great article about understanding white balance modes…

…which is very useful for changing the color tone of your photos, so do read on…

If you ever want to increase the color effects of your digital images, then I have got some very helpful information for you. The majority, (if not every single one), digital cameras have a color modification feature in them that changes the color temperatures of your image. You may know how to modify your color hue in Photoshop, but in what way is this done on your camera? It’s straightforward. It is a matter of altering your white balance.

What is white balance 300x194 Understanding White Balance Modes   How To Change Image Color ToneWhat is white balance? White balance is the complete color tone of your photograph. It’s accountable for correct color in your photo. You can always use this mode to warm up up or create cool tones in your photos. In fact, this is called the color temperature.

We are able to regulate the color of a picture with our eyes, but the digital camera is developed very differently. The camera from time to time needs to be told how to process the color of a image so that unnatural color hues do not turn into a negative artistic feature of the photograph.

Many digital cameras can have trouble predicting the color tone for a certain view when the photographer chooses auto white balance. Auto white balance is okay, but the camera doesn’t always distinguish what is best. This is the reason why altering our white balance manually can be a preferred alternative. By being attentive of how your digital camera sees and interprets light, you can easily pick the best white balance for the image.

You will probably have a a small number of options in your cameras manual white balance setting. Some of these include Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten etc. Each time you choose one of these, the color tone of that photo will change. If you have the camera in auto white balance the camera selects the white balance for you.

What is white balance 1 300x233 Understanding White Balance Modes   How To Change Image Color ToneThe good thing about the manual white balance function is that you can photograph some fabulous color effects for your shots. Without going into the knowledge of color temperature, it’s important to take numerous photos using each white balance mode, then weigh against the differences.

Once you capture your sequence of images in each white balance mode and evaluate the distinctions you will be able to see the subtle and obvious color tone alterations in each photo as you alter the white balance.

There is a reason and a rationale to each white balance mode in your digital camera. This is evident when you reach Tungsten. You may think why on earth use Tungsten if it turns out so blue? Sometimes I use Tungsten if I am inside and the color hue of the photo looks very orange, yellow or red. It won’t look like that to my eyes at the time of course, but the camera may every so often interpret the light like that. I know then, that the camera will administer the image that way. In that kind of situation I easily switch the white balance to Tungsten and the camera will cool down the over abundance of warm colors.

What is white balance 3 300x157 Understanding White Balance Modes   How To Change Image Color ToneIt is like to adding together paint on a painting. If your painting has too much yellow or orange and you want to efficiently neutralize it, then you put in different colors to give the painting a distinctive consequence. Taking photos is the same in effect. If there are too many blue and green tones on the picture, you can always switch the white balance to shade or cloudy. This will tone down the over abundance of yellowy orange tones, leaving the color tone cooler, and as a consequence, possibly more natural looking.  

I advocate experimenting with white balance. It is a great and significant mode of your digital camera. Each digital camera may have the white balance mode in a different spot. Some cameras have individual switches with WB on them. Some have the white balance mode contained within the menu itself. Wherever it is in your camera, be confident to test and familiarize yourself with it. You can get some very inventive images.

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