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Digital Camera Software Apps | How To Use Camera Raw | Best Digital Cameras 2013

By on July 11, 2013

We once again are very grateful to Amy Renfry who has spelled out how to use Camera Raw in an easy to follow manner, and we have also included a quick video of the best digital cameras for 2013 according to popular trends seen on the social network…

…Namely the Canon Powershot SX500, Nikon l310 & the Nikon Coolpix l810, and I recommend you check out their best features, so anyway, it just leaves me to pass you on to our guest author Amy…

Initially you may have thought I was referring to Raw, the file format. I am referring to Camera Raw. Camera Raw is a software application that comes with Photoshop. I think of it like the preview prior the film. Camera Raw is easy and uncomplicated to use, offering the skilled photographer even more flexibility than ever before. You can produced some beautiful and easy edits by way of the camera raw tools.

I make use of Camera raw for CS6. I learned the best way to use Camera Raw when I did some proper training in Photoshop. I was surprised how similar it was to Lightroom. It offers much of the similar functionality and tools. As I had been using Lightroom for some time I felt it was simple to learn.

How to use Camera Raw 300x193 Digital Camera Software Apps | How To Use Camera Raw | Best Digital Cameras 2013Post processing in Camera Raw is, I think, a terrific software program for your photography. Digital pictures can really benefit from this program. The good thing about Camera Raw is that you can make minimal alterations to exposure, highlights, shadows and colours and tonal range with the use of sliders. If you want more colour for instance, all you have to do is adjust the position of a slider. You don’t have to do your edits in a set order with special tools like Photoshop.

I love Camera Raw post processing because it’s easy to use. Having limited time in my life, I find that a clear-cut and comfortable method will help cut down on the hours you spend retouching your photos. I love photo editing and retouching as much as the next person, but really, do you want to be seated there for 6 hours? No. Me either. Camera Raw makes fast modifications to your photos. And they are non destructive.

Adobe is an extremely intelligent corporation. They realize that non destructive photo editing is the only way to make improvements to your shots. Non destructive photo editing is where you can go back and undo the modifications to your edits without changing the initial file. Camera Raw gives you the option to do non destructive editing every single time.

camera raw photoshop 300x168 Digital Camera Software Apps | How To Use Camera Raw | Best Digital Cameras 2013How to use Camera Raw? When making use of Bridge you will discover that a simple right click on your image provides you the choice of opening your photo in Camera Raw. When you open it, the menu tabs on the top menu bar (and to the right) will allow you to do a quantity of improvements. These corrections are uncomplicated to apply basic improvements to your images.

Why utilize Camera Raw if you have Photoshop? Camera Raw gives you the chance to immediately edit your photos. It’s about saving time. I recommend getting a closer look at Camera Raw. It will be a lot of fun, save you time and give you a chance to learn how to edit your pictures easily, and it won’t really take you that long to discover how to use camera raw.

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